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Get a Free Quote TodayLook around you. It’s everywhere you turn and there is no escaping it! The written word is presented in endless ways: bumper stickers, magazines, movies, books, to mention a few. Communicating the message or failing to do so is based on the way the written word is used.

Words must be accurate. If the wrong word is used, it is a sign of lazy thinking and poor communication skills. We think and talk in words. It is imperative to use the right word and to use it properly.

Most writers want to focus on what they enjoy – which is writing. But unless you are content with your writing being read only by you and some select friends, you will need to deal with some basics. Once The Professor’s Pen® has completed editing your prized manuscript to perfection, you come to your next decision. What do you do now that your written work is totally polished and completed? That depends on your goal as a writer.

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Editing Services


Great for small-to-medium business entities who want “another set of eyes” on their sales, marketing. or business literature.

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If your target audience includes well-educated people, they will have a difficult time going beyond misused punctuation or an apparent confusion about the difference between “effect” and “affect.”

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At The Professor’s Pen® we like books best. We are all enthusiastic readers who are passionate about making books as clear and effective as possible.

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Thesis Papers

By having The Professor’s Pen® (staffed by collegiate instructors) edit and proofread your paper, you can make your thesis top notch.

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